Concertina Wire and Ground Locking Pegs

Concertina wire also known as razor wire or barbed tape is fabricated from high tensile wire which would be virtually impossible to cut with standard tools. Concertina wire is formed of a multitude of razor-sharp barbs at close interval and is supplied in rolls.

The core wire shall be of high tensile wire ranging between 1400 to 1500 MPA in 2.5 mm (0.1") diameter, and be of galvanized steel wire. 10mm blade at 25mm on center, and 13mm wide.

  • The blades shall be of 0.5 mm (0.2") thickness galvanized steel.
  • Coil diameter when stretched: 820mm.
  • Strength length: 15m.
  • Length turns: 54/55.
  • Clips/spiral: 5.

Ground Locking Pegs as per attached sketch used to secure the wire to the ground to prevent intrusion shall be included in the supply at the rate of six pegs per rolls of concertina wire supplied.

Required wire diameter: 4.8-5.0mm.

concertina wire coil dimension:

Units Diameter Stretched diameter Stretch length Length turns Clips/spiral
metric 980 mm 820 mm 15 m 54/55 5
Ft/in. 36 inches 32 inches 50 feet 54/55 5