Razor Wire Flat Wrap Coils-Flat security barrier concertina wire

Razor Wire Flat wrap Coils

Razor wire flat wrap coils schematic diagram

Flat wrap razor coils is a modification of the spiral razor security barrier, adapted for use in more crowded conditions. Flat security barrier concertina as spiral security barrier, also made of reinforced barbed tape concertina. Flat razor barrier security is different from razor wire concertina that the coils located in one plane, which makes the design much more compact. And its adjacent coils fastened together with staples from galvanized steel. Providing a high protective properties, flat safety barrier razor is more compact to use and less aggressive, which contributes to its widespread use or various objects in urban environments.

Flat razor wire is designed to protect facilities in urban areas and when you can not use spiral razor security barrier because of its size. Flat razor mesh barrier security can be installed on all types of fences and barrier, in addition, a fence may be constructed of several flat strips of barbed tape.

Flat razor mesh security barrier is more economical than concertina razor security barrier, because its production requires significantly less concertina wire, so in those cases where no special requirements for security of enclosing an object, the flat razor barrier security can be a good choice.

Obstruction of razor flat wrap coils barrier properties is very high, although somewhat lower than that of concertina razor coils barrier. Razor wire flat wrap coils is able to maintain their properties after a barrage and even a few snacks in different places. An important feature of the flat concertina wire is that, as a flat structure, it does not exceed the dimensions of the fence, has a less aggressive appearance, which is more preferable to create barriers in public places.

three versions: 900/22, 600/22 and 500/24.

Flat concertina 900/22: The flat spiral barrage 900 mm with a density of stacking turns 4.2 turns at 1 meter. The coils are connected in 13 points stapling staples. Staples are made of galvanized steel. The flat spiral fence has high resistance to destruction. Even with the full cross-section cutting it does not change the geometry of obstacles, if the armature of the fence is still intact. Flat barrier concertina has a nice appearance, easy to mount the brackets and rebar wire.

Flat concertina 600/22: The flat spiral barrage 600 mm with a density of stacking turns 4.2 turns at 1 meter. The coils are connected in 14 points stapling staples. Staples are made of galvanized steel. Coil length 50 meters, dimensions: width 700 mm, the diameter of 1500 mm. It is recommended to install a fence along the edge of concrete slabs or grid.

Flat razor wire 500/24: The flat spiral barrage 500 mm with a packing density of 4.2 turns the coil on a meter. The protective is similar to the 600/22.

Twisted Razor Wire

Razor flat wrap coils barrier


  • Inside wire: 2.50 mm (-0.00, +0.10 mm).
  • Tensile strength: 160 kg/mm2 (min).
  • Zinc plate: 200 g/m2 (min) hot dipped galvanized.
  • Outside sheet: 0.50 mm (-0.00, +0.10 mm) hot dipped, bright, shining.
  • Flat wrap razor wire.
  • Height: 90 cm. Weight: 1 kg/m (min).
  • Coil length: 16 m coils.
  • Coil weight: 16 kg.
  • Packing: each coil wrapped with paper and hessian cloth.
  • Coil diameter: 45 cm.
  • Coil type: cross type.
  • Loops per coil: 56.
  • Clips per coil: 3 tie clips.
  • Coil weight: 7 kg.
  • Packing: each coil wrapped with paper and hessian cloth.
  • Ideal stretching length: 6-7 m.
  • Max stretching length: 8.5-9.5 m.
  • Razor wire flat concertina is installed on wire fence

    Flat razor wire is installed on wire fence

  • Six coils of flat razor wire on the ground

    Flat razor coil in rolls

Project case: razor flat wrap fencing with medium barb, circle diameter of 1200 mm, in stainless steel or galvanised materials, 4 feet high fencing is around a tea plantation for preventing goat, cow and human trespass.