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Razor Wire Blade

We have following five razor wire blade: fish-hook blade, long blade, tear blade, medium blade and short blade. Barbed type: BTO-12, 15, 22, 30, CBT-60, 65.

Razor Wire Fencing

Razor wire fencing includes concertina wire, flat coil, mobile razor wire security barrier. Our razor wire fence is made of galvanized, PVC or stainless steel wire.

Welded Razor Wire

Welded razor mesh made of razor barbed reinforced tape is used in airports and military bases. welded razor wire with 2000 mm high and length 4-15 m.

Straight Razor Wire

Straight razor wire can be installed quickly. Our 304 stainless razor wire, wire thickness 0.35-0.8 mm, wire diameter 3.0 mm. 316 ss wire with 2.5 mm diameter.

Spiral Razor Fence

Spiral razor wire barrier is a razor wire fence, where razor concertina wire suite spiral coils which are interconnected at several points in a certain pattern.

Twisted Razor Barbed Tape

Twisted Razor Wire, spikes with twists around gal. wire. The Steel wire is designed to ensure adequate strength of barbed wire and give it a spring properties.

Concertina Wire

Concertina wire made of galvanized strip thickness 0.55-1.5 mm, wire diameter 2.65-3 mm. Cross concertina wire with diameter 2.3 mm, coil diameter 90 cm.

Razor Wire Flat Wrap Coils

Razor wire flat wrap coils 45 cm circle, cross type, 56 loops, ideal opening 6-7 m, Max.opening 8.5-9.5 m, 3 tie clips, each coil wrapped with paper and hessian cloth.

Electrified Concertina Wire

Electrified concertina wire includes barrier detection and deterrence system. If you destroy razor wire main body, the corresponding alarm device will ring.

Mobile Security Barrier Prism

Mobile security barrier prism is a three-razor wire concertina packaged in a container. It is used for the rapid deployment of effective razor wire barriers.

Galvanized Concertina Wire Size

Concertina razor wire BTO-22, and razor barbed wire galvanized BTO-10 cross type with coil diameter 90 cm, 19 x 5 clips, core wire 2.3 mm, blade thickness 0.4 mm.

Mobile Razor Wire Security Barrier

Mobile razor wire security barrier is rapid deployment need 3 minutes, dimensions folded 700 × 1112 × 1232 mm, unfolded length 10-80 m, helix diameter 900-1000 mm.

Razor Wire Machine

Razor barbed wire machine is light, easy to operate, high efficient. It can save you twenty percent of raw materials in production.