About Us

Yujun is a leading factory in the field of razor wire concertina. Our products types include razor concertina wire, flat wrap coils, welded, spiral razor wire and razor barriers security fencing. Razor barbed wire fencing can be used to create effective barriers around the various objects of civil, military and special purpose. Our razor barbed wire has high performance characteristics and high reliability. Our razor products meet the requirements of regulations and standards for quality.

Our factory has strong technical capabilities, combined with modern technology and highly skilled personnel. Among the largest factory manufactures high-quality razor wire fencing, we are a leading supplier and therefore can offer a quality razor concertina wire at a lower price. Our products are used widely in military organization, electricity, water, mining industry, gas stations and so easily to keep prison property and safety of the units and organizations. You will not be disappointed by becoming our client.

Guaranteed quality of raw materials is for razor concertina production. A qualified team of managers will be able to advise you on selection and installation of fences, as soon as possible to prepare all documents for payment and shipping products. Now contact us for a free quote or order razor wire concertina. You can Email us: info@chinarazorwire.org

Many pieces of razor wire in different types: concertina razor wire, flat wrap razor wire, razor wire coil, etc.