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Electrified concertina wire played high security protection

Electrified Concertina Wire

Electrified concertina wire can form additional protection around your area, such as plant and warehouse. It includes a physical barrier razor wire detection and deterrence system. The electrified concertina mesh is nothing appearance distinction compared with ordinary razor mesh, just with a smooth inner electrified wire in razor concertina insulated from the outer roll. If have a steal, cutting, destroy razor wire main body, the corresponding alarm device will ring. Thus, the concertina razor fence played a high security protection function.

The characteristic of electrified concertina wire is high quality and reasonable price with the safety and easy the effect is good. And its installation is simple.

Electrified concertina wire fencing is suitable for factories, site, community, railway, high way and airport safety protection.

Concertina coil barbed wire specification info:
Reference number CBT-65.
Thickness: 0.6 ± 0.05.
Wire diameter: 2.5 ± 0.1.
Barb length: 65 ± 2.
Barb width: 21 ± 1.
Barb spacing: 100 ± 2.
Outside diameter: 450 mm - 500 mm.
No of loops: 33 - 56.
Single coil.

Materials Type:
A: Stainless steel razor wire.
B: Zinc-coated razor wire.
Both bounded together by clips to make it more strength.
Galvanized wire as tie wire for concertina wire fence installation.

Items (BWG) Diameter mm Output m/kg Traction kg/mm2 Zinc coating Zn/m2
CAG08050K 8 4,19 9,2 45 90
CAG10050K 10 3,40 14,0 45 85
CAG12050K 12 2,77 21,1 45 70
CAG14050K 14 2,11 36,4 45 65
CAG16050K 16 1,65 59,5 45 45
CAG18050K 18 1,24 105,5 45 45
CAG20000K 20 0,89 204,8 45 45

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