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Concertina coil barbed wire sample

We manufacture razor wire in concertina coils or straight razor lines. Concertina coils include single, double, and across spiral shaped coils. It is made of galvanized barbed tape and high tensile galvanized core wire, which form continuous spiral razor wire. We use galvanized materials to prevent corrosion. And all materials have been strict quality tested to ensure razor concertina products strength and efficiency. The coils can be collapsable for easy transportation, and can be easily retracted and stored vertically or horizontally.

Concertina coils are usually installed on the top of chain link fence, welded wire fence or walls, on the ground or at the bottom of fencing. It forms a uncrossable barrier called concertina coil fencing. Often a line of barbed wire runs across the concertina coil fencing. This type fence is ideal security fencing with great anti-climb and anti-cutting property, and has very high security, strong and durable features. It is widely use in garden, school, prison, military sites and airport for effectively protecting these areas from external invasion threats.

Galvanized Concertina coil in double shapes
Galvanized double concertina coil
Galvanized concertina coil install on the top of red welded wire fence
Concertina coil on welded fence

Concertina coil barbed wire specification info:
Reference number CBT-65.
Thickness: 0.6 ± 0.05.
Wire diameter: 2.5 ± 0.1.
Barb length: 65 ± 2.
Barb width: 21 ± 1.
Barb spacing: 100 ± 2.
Outside diameter: 450 mm - 500 mm.
No of loops: 33 - 56.
Single coil.
Both bounded together by galvanized clips to make it more strength.
Galvanized wire as tie wire for concertina wire fence installation.

Materials type
A: stainless steel razor wire.
B: zinc coated razor wire.
Both bounded together by clips to make it more strength.
Galvanized wire as tie wire for concertina wire fence installation.

Items (BWG) Diameter mm Output m/kg Traction kg/mm2 Zinc coating Zn/m2
CAG08050K 8 4,19 9,2 45 90
CAG10050K 10 3,40 14,0 45 85
CAG12050K 12 2,77 21,1 45 70
CAG14050K 14 2,11 36,4 45 65
CAG16050K 16 1,65 59,5 45 45
CAG18050K 18 1,24 105,5 45 45
CAG20000K 20 0,89 204,8 45 45
A roll of barbed wire

Concertina coil/razor wire (galvanized)
Strip size: 0.5 mm.
Spring steel core wire diameter: 2.6 mm.
Diameter coil in closed condition: 1050 mm.
No. of turns: 50 & ½ .
Length of barb: 10 mm.
Pitch of barb: 24 mm.
Weight of coil: 15.2 kg.
Zinc coating of strip: 12-15 Microns.
Zinc coating of wire: 80-100 gm/m2.
Zinc coating of clip: 150 gm/m2.
Zinc coating of handle: 150 gm/m2.
Tensile strength of wire: 1620 N/mm2.
Spike length: 200 mm.
Spike shoe length: 30 mm.
Spike hole: 6 mm.

Galvanized steel barbed wire
Diameter of line wire: 2.5 mm.
Diameter of point wire: 2.0 mm.
Barb spacing: 75 mm.
Double knot (iowa type).
Zinc coating of line wire & point wire: 80 gm/m2.
Weight of coil: 25-30 kg.

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