Razor Wire Concertina Barrier - High protective Fence

Install of razor wire

In the case ofrazor wire concertina, installation should be given special attention. Even simple razor wire provides a serious threat to a person who has no experience of its installation. Not to mention the high performance, razor barbed wire has a higher piercing cutting properties and a strong spring effect. Installation of a barbed-wire non-professional can lead to serious injuries. At the same time are likely to suffer the effectiveness of the protection system, if the installation of at least some part of barbed wire will be made with disabilities. It is worth mentioning also that in the process of unskilled installation of razor wire or damaged safety barriers Protective coating of razor wire concertina, which leads to premature failure of the entire system of perimeter defense as a whole.

High protective properties of razor wire barbed tape you can use them to create effective barriers around the various objects of civil, military and special purpose. These objects include, for example, the territory of industrial and agricultural enterprises, power plants, airports, warehouses, houses, land border, the objects of the Ministry of defense, interior, penitentiary, and other specialized agencies.

Razor barbed tape concertina can be used to build fences of varying height, width and density, both directly on the ground and on the surfaces of various structures: on the roofs and walls of buildings, in the form of roofs - on the walls and on gates. The advantage of the protections of reinforced barbed tape is transparency, providing the ability to monitor the area adjacent to the perimeter fencing, perimeter intruder early detection.

Installation razor security barrier concertina as following:

  1. Installation on the ground razor wire concertina can be deployed in one, two, three rows of fastening metal anchors in the ground and held together with wire knitting;
  2. Comprehensive way (installation on top of the fence and land on the inner side of the fence) - to enhance the rigidity of adhesion to the reinforced concrete fence razor can shoot in the metal plates;
  3. Mobile (temporary) - The deployment is carried out with the vehicle on the ground.

    When installing the fence on the protected perimeter shall apply highly effective and reliable ways to mount its own design. When you install (installation) along the protected area (object) does not require complicated mounting structures, entanglement can be easily mounted.

Reinforced barbed tape and produced out of her spiral security barrier and flat concertina fence are highly traumatic ability. To avoid accidents, as well as to obtain high-quality, reliable and durable fencing recommend installation only trust their organizations professionally involved in the activity. Installation of a spiral barrier concertina has specific features (wire traumatic, requires the installation using special skills and equipment), special attention should be given the strength of fixing fences concertina, the selection of brackets or anchors, as well as the correct position of the bay mounted to save springy properties. Once the installation is taking into account all these factors makes it possible to get the perimeter, which guarantees reliable protection of the object. Therefore, installation is still better to trust the professionals.