Razor Barbed Concertina Wire in agriculture

High fencing properties and numerous other advantages of razor wire can use it to create effective barriers around the various objects of civil, military and special purpose. These objects include for example: areas of industrial and agricultural enterprises, power plants, airports, warehouses, houses, plots of the state border, the objects of the ministry of defense, Interior, penitentiary, other law enforcement and special agencies.

  • Country forces;
  • Prison, outposts, custody, government buildings and government offices;
  • Companies Ministry of Transportation;
  • Railway Ministry;
  • Chemical industry;
  • Oil and gas and oil and gas refining company;
  • Processing plants;
  • Agricultural enterprise sector, the animal breeding, agriculture, forestry, protection and grassland fences;
  • The walls of the villa, Windows, and community safety barrier and highway and rail barrier;
  • Storage of nuclear and chemical waste;
  • Territory mining operations;
  • Gardening and garage cooperatives;
  • Plots of land, etc.

In China, the prisons are basically with a razor wire blade fixed facility in high wall as defend net, the airport also are equipped with the razor wire blade barrier facility.

Razor wire fence with barbed tape can be installed on any buildings, fences, gates, etc. If necessary, we can take care of not only the installation of barbed wire, and installation of fences and barriers, as fences are one main products of our factory.

Razor wire concertina can be installed on top of a spiral barrier security fence in one, and, if necessary, and in several rows, with additional brackets. If necessary, scroll along fences may be tight guide wires, which is fixed at frequent intervals razor wire.

Depending on the type of protected object and security requirements, razor wire concertina fence can be mounted on a fence or other structure, and with an inclination towards the protected area or outside. To improve the efficiency of the territory, razor wire concertina can be mounted in two spirals inclined to either side of the fence.

  • Razor wire install on wall

    Razor wire install on wall

  • Razor wire install on welded wire fence

    Razor wire install on welded wire fence

  • Razor wire concertina is installed in four rows.

    Razor wire concertina is installed in four rows