How to Order Razor Wire Concertina Fence?

Razor wire concertina can be mounted on all types of fences, as well as the absence of them on the ground in one or more series. At the sites of special purpose, our experts can advise you on the creation of other kinds of obstacles with 100% efficiency taking into account the minimum cost.

Before making a purchase order with razor wire security fence spiral concertina, must find out the following questions:

First of all, where and how you want to install razor fence: on land, on top of the fence, the side with the inner or outer side of the fence, in one or two rows of whether the installation is not duplicated by a single spiral razor? If it is difficult to answer, you could consultant razor wire manufacturer, for example email to us,

Second, measure the length (perimeter) proposed mounting a line. The length is a very important point, in case of an incorrect calculation can lose the extra money. So if you know in advance that you will order professional installation team assemblers, leave this to make them yourself.

Third, decide what the diameter of the razor wire concertina coil you will approach 600 mm, 950 mm or 1350mm. Of course, the more turn of the concertina coil, the greater the degree of efficiency. In any case, even with the smallest diameter of concertina coil meets the highest safety requirements.

Experience has shown that as quickly and cost-effective to install razor wire-cutting concertina, only professionals with extensive experience in this field can reach it.

The technology works are divided into several stages:

  1. Consultation on the phone;
  2. Travel specialist at the facility;
  3. Drawing up the settlement of construction documents, contracts for work, putting work accounted for.

Installation team of our factory is equipped with modern, mobile equipment to operate in standalone mode, which allows installation regardless of the location of the object.

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