Razor wire builds better security barrier fencing

Razor wire and concertina wire are our feature products for security protection. Our products include razor concertina wire, flat wrap coils, welded, spiral razor wire and razor barriers security fencing. They are made out of galvanized wire, PVC coated wire, stainless steel mesh materials. Our anti-piracy razor wire blade includes fish-hook blade, long blade, tear blade, medium blade and short blade.

Manufacture process: First, galvanized steel coils and steel wire are prepared as the material. Then, cutting galvanized steel coils to barbed tape, after cutting, razor barbed tape tightly crimped around the steel wire forming razor wire. The following two images are the barbed tape and steel wire state of before crimped and after crimping.

Packing: simple packing and carton packing.
Simple packing: inside is water proof paper and outside is woven bags and then compression. It is mainly for BTO-10, BTO-12, BTO-22, BTO-30 and CBT-25.
Carton packing: razor mesh coils are loading into hard cartoon boxes, it is mainly application to CBT-65, CBT-60.

Razor wire fencing and concertina wire are ideal material to protect your fields and property. Our razor wire can be used to create effective barriers around various objects, and it is usually used in civil, military and special purpose. Our customers include military organization, electricity, water, mining industry, gas stations.

Concertina razor wire can be installed to erect a sturdy physical barrier with varying height, width and thickness. It is common installed on the ground or on the walls, as well as on welded wire fence and chain link fence. Razor wire fence installation styles are also in this website.

From this website, you will found all information about our products: from razor wire history to specification, from blade type to mobile razor wire security barrier, from concertina coil to razor fence installation, from production process to package, from selection to application.

Our factory has strong technical capabilities, combined with modern technology and highly skilled personnel. Our products have high performance characteristics and high reliability. You will not be disappointed by becoming our client. Now contact us for a free quote or order razor wire concertina by Email: sales@razorwiresupplier.com.

razor wire

The most popular products and specifications

  • Mobile security barriers with deploy from 75-300 m in 20-30 sec, 3 coils in pyramid shape (2 lower+ 1 upper), and heavy duty clips used to enforced spiral razor wire. It can deploy in straight, curved or zigzag line, and the razor wire coils can be deployed and recovered for many times of uses.
  • 15 m × 450 mm razor strip rolls used for a prison.
  • Concertina barbed wire -galvanized wire/stainless wire: CBT-65, BTO-12, BTO-18, BTO-22, Roll with diameter 300 mm/450 mm.
  • Concertina barbed tape ( with heavy duty clip 23.5 mm lay 19 mm wide blades stretch distance) 12.0 m coils, coil diameter before stretching 600 mm and after stretching 550 mm.
  • Concertina razor coils: BTO-22, 350 mm single coil, 500 mm cross type, 600 mm cross type.
  • Heavy galvanized concertina tape 450 mm coil diameter, 10 meter coils.
  • Galvanized razor fencing wire bto22 installed on the top of a rod iron fence.
  • 980 mm diameter stainless steel razor coil and flat concertina 900/22.
  • Hot-dipped galvanized single coil razor barbed wire Ø750 mm, wire diameter 2.5 mm ± 0.10 mm/thickness 0.5 mm ± 0.05 mm.
Hot Products
Razor Wire Blade

We have following five razor wire blade: fish-hook blade, long blade, tear blade, medium blade and short blade. Barbed type: BTO-12, 15, 22, 30, CBT-60, 65.

Razor Wire Fencing

Razor wire fencing includes concertina wire, flat coil, mobile razor wire security barrier. Our razor wire fence is made of galvanized, PVC or stainless steel wire.

Straight Razor Wire

Straight razor wire can be installed quickly. Our 304 stainless razor wire, wire thickness 0.35-0.8 mm, wire diameter 3.0 mm. 316 ss wire with 2.5 mm diameter.

03 Mar

Concertina Razor Wire - Galvanized Steel

Galvanized concertina wire with blade type BTO-22 and CBT-65, including hot dipped and electro galvanized concertina wire is hot ordered by customers.

03 Mar

Concertina Wire - Stainless Steel or Galvanized Steel

Concertina wire including single coil and double coil concertina wire can be used as border military security fence or plant boundary wall.

03 Mar

Stainless Steel or Galvanized Steel Razor Wire

Razor wire made of stainless steel or galvanized steel can be used as security fence with chain link fence or welded fence.

03 Mar

Razor Wire: Twist Razor Wire, Razor Wire Flat Wrap Coil, Welded Razor Wire

Razor wire with blade type BTO-12, BTO-18, BTO-22, BTO-30, including twist razor wire, razor wire flat wrap coil, welded razor wire is hot.

03 Mar

Galvanized Zinc CBT-65 Detail Info

Galvanized zinc coated razor wire can be supplied in straight line razor wire, single coils razor wire or crossed concertina razor coils.

03 Mar

Hot Dip Galvanized Razor Coil Wire series

Hot dip galvanized flat wrap razor wire and hot dip galvanized single coil razor wire. Razor wire fence has single coil type, double coil types. It is widely used in security protection.

03 Mar

Galvanized Concertina Razor Wire

Galvanized Concertina Razor Wire: razor wire common types have BTO- 20, 25, 30, CBT-65, etc. Galvanized concertina razor wire fence with chain link fence are widely used in high security fields.

04 Mar

Razor blade barbed wire

Razor blade barbed wire and razor blade concertina wire as high security fence are widely used with chain link fence in fields, prisons, airports. Razor wire and barbed wire materials and sizes are available.