Concertina wire creates security barrier to protect your property

Concertina wire security barrier is by far one of the most perfect physical obstacles. Security barrier made of galvanized steel strip thickness of 0.55 mm - 1.5 mm, having a double-edged, symmetrically spaced, directed spines, and reinforced with high carbon galvanized wire diameter of 2.65mm, 2.8mm, 3.0mm. Nominal diameter of the razor concertina is 450 mm, 500mm, 600mm, 730 mm, 900mm, 980 mm (after stretching, the diameter is reduced by 5-10%).

Single Coil concertina Wire
Single coil concertina wire
Concertina wire according to different shapes can be divided into single coil, crossed and double coils.

Single Coil Razor Wire Forms: straight ribbons or single coil concertina.
Characteristics: Single coil barbed type wire is installed without clips. It runs in natural loops on walls. Costless and can be easily installed.

Crossed Razor Wire Concertina
Crossed concertina wire coil
Cross concertina wire coil is two pieces of stainless steel razor wire or zinc-coated wire bound together by clips to make it stronger. This galvanized wire tape compresses the core, and adjacent turns of the cramp in five equidistant points on a circle. Total installed 3 or 5 rows of staples, so that it becomes formidable concertina, springy, spatial design. The spiral intersecting barbed wire presents an intersecting shape after opening. After stretch and installation, concertina creates a fixed and strong spatial structure. In order to overcome this type concertina wire, it must be cut at least three points.

Double Concertina Razor Coil includes two razor concertina coils with different diameters, and small diameter concertina is included in the large diameter concertina. Three nodes connect the two concertina razor. Double concertina razor wire has more beautiful appearance and better protection than other razor mesh.

Fold Double Razor Wire Concertina Unfold Double Razor Wire Concertina
Fold Double Razor Concertina Coil Unfold Double Razor Concertina Coil

Cross Type Hot dipped galvanized concertina wire technique parameter:
Razor Type Wire , In Length of 14 - 15 m
Diameter:10 cm
Wire 2.5mm, Thickness: 0.5mm,
Barb Length: 22mm, Bard Width: 15mm
Bard Spacing:34mm , Type: Cross type
Material: Steel Wire
Surface Treatment: Hot Dipped Galvanized
Type: Barbed wire Coil
Razor Type: Cross Razor
Wire diameter: 2.5mm
Thickness: 0.5mm
Bard Length: 22 mm
Bard Width: 15 mm
Bard Spacing: 34 mm
Outside diameter: 450 mm , 500 mm

Cross Type Razor barbed wire specifications as below:
A- BTO-10, cross type razor barbed wire,
1- Material of Core wire: Galvanized #45 , diameter: 2.3mm
2- Material of Blade: Galvanized Strip , thickness: 0.4mm.
3- Coil Diameter: 90cm,
4- No. of loops / Coil: 39
5- No. of clips/coil: 19(pairs) x 5(clips/pair).
6- No. of handles/Coil: 2(Handles) x 2(sides).
B- BTO-22, Cross Type Razor Barbed wire,
1- Material of Core wire: Galvanized #45 , diameter: 2.3mm
2- Material of Blade: Galvanized Strip , thickness: 0.4mm.
3- Coil Diameter: 60cm,
4- No. of loops / Coil: 30
5- No. of clips/coil: 15(pairs) x3(clips/pair).
6- No. of handles/Coil: 2(Handles) x 2(sides)
Other description:
Packing: Moisture proof paper inside, weaving bag outside, each 10 Coils Packed together as Bundle
Loading: Each 60cm bundle loaded into a 90cm bundle
Weight: 50 kg (90cm) or 100 kg ( 60cm).

Concertina coiled security barrier is installed on the ground or an existing fence to create high performance physical obstructions extremely difficult to overcome. The main advantage of concertina razor wire is that its design is able to retain their protective properties after damage in a few places. And the concertina wire fence is easily installed and disassembled, allowing you to use it repeatedly. This is the cheapest way to protect property from outside intrusion.

Project case:
Barbed tape/razor wire (concertina type with oppositely wound helices) composed of high-strength galvanised steel wires (tensile strength of 800 kg). The blades will serve to intruders attempting to breach the wire. Wire to be installed on mounting adapted to the enclosure walls. - loop diameter 750 mm and strand diameter 4 mm.
BTO-22 and CBT-60 concertina razor edge wire, triple coils in pyramid shape, base coil dia 73 cm and top dia 98 cm Hot dipped/Galvanized for a security solution.

Concertina Barbed Tape
Standard diameter Un-Stretchered:    730 mm max.
No. Of turns:        55
Clips per spiral    5 per spiral turns
Type:            Galvanized
Thickness:         0.50 mm JIS G 3302 LFQ
Length:        22 mm
Width            19 mm before crimping
Spacing c to c    37.5 mm
Core Wire
Type            Galvanized (275 gms m²) high tensile wire (1600 mpa)
Diameter:        2.5 mm diameter

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